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Laura. Passionate about nature and snowboarding.
Bassnectar is my bible. Sophomore at WSCU, Gunnison :)
Studying Rec & Outdoor Ed and Photography
My soul resides in Colorado, one of the most beautiful places my eyes has encountered.
I crave for liberation, the never ending emotion that is like no other.
Come as you are.

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Never let things that happen in life stop you from living it.
-Rakishi, “To my love” cir. 1955. (via 1924us)

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“When animals express their feelings they pour out like water from a spout. Animals’ emotions are raw, unfiltered, and uncontrolled. Their joy is the purest and most contagious of joys and their grief the deepest and most devastating. Their passions bring us to our knees in delight and sorrow.”
-Marc Bekoff

fjdaskfjkslfjkafdj;kasff this is exactly why I don’t eat meat/fish
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The second most high quality gif I’ve seen
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writing adult emails is awful

its like

hi [name of person], 

this formatting is making me uncomfortable but I have to tell you something / ask you something that is vital to my career as a student. 

I re-read and edited that sentence for an hour, but you’ll probably just glance over it for half a second.


- [name]



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The progression of video games in a few decades.
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Cristina Blackwater
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It’s not everyday you get to feel like Peter Pan & the Lost boys.
Still pinching myself to make sure this place wasn’t a dream  @travelalberta (at Spirit Island, Maligne Lake, alberta )
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Fuck, my tea.
-me approximately an hour after every time I make tea (via madopiano)

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it dont even feel like september it dont even feel like any month we just floatin thru time

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Logan Pass, MontanaJeff Clow