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Laura. Passionate about nature and snowboarding.
Bassnectar is my bible. Sophomore at WSCU, Gunnison :)
Studying Rec & Outdoor Ed and Photography
My soul resides in Colorado, one of the most beautiful places my eyes has encountered.
I crave for liberation, the never ending emotion that is like no other.
Come as you are.

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Mt. Cook National Park by Keda.Z Feng
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Airglow ripples over Tibet

Why would the sky look like a giant target? Airglow. Following a giant thunderstorm over Bangladesh in late April, giant circular ripples of glowing air appeared over Tibet, China, as pictured above. The unusual pattern is created by atmospheric gravity waves, waves of alternating air pressure that can grow with height as the air thins, in this case about 90 kilometers up. Unlike auroras powered by collisions with energetic charged particles and seen at high latitudes, airglow is due to chemiluminescence, the production of light in a chemical reaction. More typically seen near the horizon, airglow keeps the night sky from ever being completely dark.

Image credit & copyright: Jeff Dai
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Sunrise over the alps
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Pretty sure that cat is using its magical powers to turn the plants around itself orange for camouflage. Yup, that’s it.

They say Aslan is on the move.
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a homeless guy just said to me “do you tell jokes to make people laugh or to make people think you’re funny” and that is the most profound shit ive ever experienced

I asked my old science teacher this and he said “I make jokes to make myself laugh because I know I’m funny.”

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Alpstein Mountains in the morning Alpglow, Switzerland;
Dominik Baer
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Les Alpes : Vallée de Serre Chevalier (by TOURRAL Thomas)
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